Monday, April 23, 2007


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stran·ger - person with whom one has had no personal acquaintance

Stranger is the strangest word of all.I can vouch for it.

All of us have been strangers to each other till we started reading each others we tend to form a group that does not forget to visit your blog.Like a frnd dropping in for coffee in the evening.It has become a ritual for me to visit all you blogs and get my daily dose of your world!!!

A stranger walked into my life once.Choose to turn into a reflection and thinks he is still a stranger to me.It is strange that the path has come to the beginning.Is it a new beginning???

A little stranger moved in me for nine months.He was out and looked out of place like in the dictionary meaning of stranger.days passed by and every minute of his action is strange to me.He fills me with strange surprises!!!!

Few women who were strangers till yesterday are my best buddies.I love the way they shower their love.some show it little and some show it all.It is strange that we were strangers @ first......

Here is a little for those strangers...

you walk on without any fear,
I know you will find someone very dear.


  1. quite wonderful thoughts...strangers come and go from our lives and sometims leave deeper marks behind

  2. everyone is a stranger in the beginning!

  3. You bet!Every word is true :)

  4. friends are alwasy stranger at first meet..and we do frenhip from strangers only...bcoz those who are known known to us from our birth time , they aour our relatives.and frens we choose..Nice take on the issue..Take care...

  5. Just loved this post girl. Strangers--- u never know until you discover.Do u mind taking off the word verification. Its a big struggle with words.

  6. @ aditi - yeah i agree the marks ar sometimes left,some to erase and some to stay...@ deepsat - yes love they are!!!@ miss Iyer - (your real name pls) hmm i guess.@ shruti - yeah fun to turn strangers in to friends!!!@pria - done word verification off :) and yes the discovery bit is

  7. very nice post..! it is strange that strange become close and also unknown. It is true that those strange words in blog form a visualization of the person and come become near and dear even though strangly unknown yet!.

  8. sometimes i feel i'm always a stranger :)

  9. @sujit - u sed it right,somecome closer and some stay strangers for life.@supernova - yeah na...@dharma - i feel that way even among frnds @ times...