Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Those were the days,when life was just seen like one gushing fall.
No one to stop you,no boundaries around.Even if they did you never cared.

It is rather strange that you have frozen today,
have the insides refused to melt or has the hurt dried them like the summer sun?

You asked me as a child,is there a reason for this pain? is there no room for it to be locked? is there no one above it? is it you that enjoys causing it?

My dear I have grown within you,you nurtured me and made me what I am today.
you gave me soil,you gave me shade,you made me feel like a queen till date.

I do not want to tear you apart or cut the chord.
I just want you to realise that I am a part and parcel of life.
I come when you ask me to and leave when you healed.
I have no destiny or no choice of my own.
I just remain there for you to call,as you did many times.
I came running into your arms.you hugged me,kissed me and threw me away when the deed was done.

I am the name you call me with,I am the insane,I am the traitor,I am the ruler of the empty space,deep within your broken heart!!!!!!


  1. Didn't get much of what u r saying....but still last 2 lines are very nicely written

  2. @ endevourme and ashish -- that is my state of mind right now confused and totally spaced out...:)

  3. ahh a lot being said and even more being left unsaid..like it..

  4. you can call it the voice of God,your conscience or your atma.The voice within us needs to be heeded.It can never go wrong.

  5. A relationship to be repaired.Cheer up girl.

  6. Howdy!! Came across your blog from Ms. Muffet's and boy the pics made me go on a nostalgic trip.Umm I guess the SalarJung Museum pics are missing.. not to forget Tankbund.. ;)And after all this, I can only think of Paradise Biryani :D

  7. @aditi- i was so confused that i had to pen down my thoughts.really do not know if I sed it all!!!@Gran- you alwys help me think of the right things and am I glad tht u did it again.@Priya-Yup lady it can and hope it will.However I am content as long as I am not mind - - - -...@mr.J- welcome to the machine.you will get to see more stories bout the city and maybe a recipe on biryani too lol

  8. Hope the confusion in your mind clears up soon... Very aptly expressed...

  9. Hope everything will be fine soon..God bless you and take care..

  10. Recipe!! *Sigh.. what good would a recipe do, without the real thing itself :(

  11. @ supernova- thnx i am hoping for the same...shruti- thnx a ton...mr.j--ha ha ok i will parcel the food....lol