Sunday, April 22, 2007

Satur - DAY!!!!!

pic by P lol

Saturday was one of those days that began with an eerie feeling and that lasted for a while and still is on.I opened my mail to see a stomach churning mail from R.That does not stop I am caught in this emotional grill.I baul my heart out and leave home to reach a friends plc to see she was in the same state.I was cursing 21rst and will for long time to come.

However as a coin has 2 sides the guardian decided enough of folin around and showered me with blessings.

1.I mailed a famous photographer in hyd asking him if I can be his flunky for a while.Till I join the photography school.I forgot and decided that this famous chap will never call me.Voila he did and he was kind enough help me out and meet me this Sunday.ha my day was looking good, baby good.

2.I picked up my friend and go to see my bro and sil,they celebrating their first wedding anniversary.It had to be all romantic and all,we were planning to pick up a cake flowers and lots of things.So,my friend and I got out of our place and driving in a the insane mood and a hot sat afternoon and the car stops.Imagine our plight instead of getting angry and blowing our steam(for our day started bad) we laughed our $^& off and were actually clicking pic of old building in the traffic and public screaming @ us he he(i can still see there expressions)

3.We ended up having a ball of a time @ the house and then we decide to go to a temple like good gals and guys(after all first wedding anniversary).I proudly take them to a temple.Now i have no clue if this was the temple My pa was talking about.WE just cruise in and the temple has no pujari,no one in the vicinity to take care of us or the god.Ironic we take care of ourselves and the god and laugh our way out.(certified godswo/men).......

The day was not bad after all and I have taken few decisions yesterday which will stand right for the first time...

This would make nosense to most,however I wanted to remember this day for life and my blog will keep it intact....


  1. hmm sometimes when things become too much all we can do is laughhopefully this week will be better for u.. i bet u are excited for the oppurtunity to learn from the photographer

  2. thats the thing about blogs i guess - they serve as a sort of repertoire of memories - if one wants such a thing :)

  3. learning from a photographer haa...keep it up :Dgive updates later

  4. Wish your brother and SIL from me tho'belated.You laughed your head off when you were stranded on the road.Well, well its your age my dear.At my age the earlobes get hot and the BP soars.

  5. Belated wishes to them and taking those old building can bring good memories of the place u visit.

  6. OMG... Car stopping and you guys laughing.. I'd have rather disowned the car instead :PAll the very best for your decisions.Cheers!!

  7. @aditi - u bet it is good to laught it off i guess??? i am very excited waitin for him to mail me his feedback..@dharma - yes they do and i intend to publish anything i want to write bout@endevourme - wil do big time@gran - thnx i did wish them on your behalf and she sed a big thank you..ha ha i am sure u are not that old gran...@pria - thnx and yes this one is 200 years old!!@john - whne o have only one car u cannot diswon it..and thnx for the supports...

  8. Yep. one of the reasons I babble a lot on blogs tooo is because its kept intact. 10 years from now, I can read these and laugh at myself :-PWhat better way to spend a saturday or sunday afternoon when I'm 40 than to read my own rambles :D