Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What is in a card and name?

It has been 14years since I turned 18 and still have no election card.Do I have the right to vote? Yes.Do I have the right to complain about the politicians No.

We tried in every way possible to get myself and election card.I went and registered for it.But after years of trying my patience is lost.There are so many things I want to do for the people or myself.No it does not mean that the election card is an excuse.But,it does hold some rights and I want to use them wisely.

So I hope I get my card this year at least and go for Voting.

There is another card is has been in news for quite sometime,it is called and known as the adhar card.My dad is he'll bent on that one.He wants me an d V to fly down to Hyderabad to get that one.Are they any benefits of the card? I am not sure.But what I heard is that,it is like the social security card and one stop shop for all your ID proofs.

So let us hope that the govt recognizes me as a citizen and gives me at least one card for my self.

P.S - I do have a pan card.however,they bundled it up and got my DOB there is another thing I have to get corrected.oh yeh and my name on birth certificate is misspelt and so is the name on all my education certificates.Looks like I am this favorite hil for govt to play with and I can hear, " that is what she said" in the background!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

8 months of love and just no writing

It has been a long time since I wrote. I even gave up the idea of thinking to write , the evidence? Right on my lap,my 8 month old.Even with a live in maid he keeps me on my toes.Now, not that he is baggy,naggy,cranky and all.In fact he is one of the lucky happy infants.vedavyas is always smiling and has a light up his eyes.He makes everyone,even the weird security guard at the airport smile.

The thing is that second time motherhood got me.I put on weight,lost in touch with friends( which i am happy , as most of them were not needed).It is just that it turned me into this lethargic woman.I am ready to do anything but,writing.I think my creatives juices flow with his pee pee and get dumped in the garbage along with his diaper!

But,the better part is that unlike aku's childhood,I am hands on mom for this thamudu and loving it.just like I started writing this blogpost,I might end up doing lots of writing againWith a jest and continue the diaper with left and charge away with the keyboard with the right hand!

P.S - wanted to upload a picture of Vyas with his elder brother aku.But,iPad does not let the option pop up?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Auto Draft

there are so many things that the endless mind of mine wants to do.there is so much time to do to.however i am just not ready to take a step ahead.Right now i have word open and i am ready with a story in mind.there have been two scenes written and then i have just put it on hold.

I wonder why that happens.heard so many people say that "it takes will power and determination" I do have all that.Ask me to tell you a story and i will,ask me to feed my little on carrot and i will,ask me teach my elder on Hindi i will.However i am asking my mind to just put it's nonsense to rest and help me write and get active and make me proud

Monday, December 6, 2010

we shall overcome.....

I was all set to write my blog.Peacefully with out any interruptions,in my bedroom,on a green bed sheet with the windows open and the nice Bangalore weather for company. However,it was tossed out of tossed out of those very niche French windows.V and Aku barged in and started their verbal war.

There is always this thing that goes in my mind.
"am i being able to connect both of them?"
"is aku able to find that father figure in V?"
"is V being the right,good father?".
"Am i overreacting to situations and taking up Aku's side?" and much more.

Then I tell my mind "relax,alex,all is well".I tend to get a little protective about aku,more than anyone i guess.He is my love and there is no way i can close that door of over protectiveness about him,even with the new baby around. I was so paranoid,that i would get up in the middle of the night and think "what if someone takes him away?"."what if he misses his bus and does not know how to get back to school?" and much more.

I have overcome most of it.However,i am still not convinced about way I let V handle him.I know I am too hard on V and i hope that someday,i will be able to overcome it.

"God please let me overcome it"!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Good Morning

Good Morning,

I have been up from 4 am in the morning and watching movies,feeding my 5 month old,making coffee for my hubby who just got back from work.I am not tired and I am in a very good mood(hope it remains till the end of today).

Been wanting to write a book for the past 6 years.Yes,6 years is a long time to think and a long time to gather would have thought that I did.However,I have no even picked up a twig yet and have no clue where to start.All I know is I want to write books and not the ones that preach or tell you to get up and move on.I want to write something that is familiar and something that i have lived through.I tried one day to write a fantasy book,even picked up names like "namerain"(name of the lead character).however,after 2 paragraphs,I left the page and wandered into the kitchen to make pasta.

Why is there a need for me to write a book? why is there a need for me make a living out of writing?I don't know the answer to that questions as yet.All I know is that I derive a sense of pleasure out of penning those words or more like typing those letters on the keyboard and listening to that sound of the letters being typed or looking at each and every letter form a word.

I thought writing can be done by starting to write articles on the web,you know the SEO or writing about a razer that is so important that you end up writing about all the things a razor could do!I took up umpteen assignments on the same and then realized that I HATE THEM.The guys who gave me those assignments called like 10 times asking me for the finished work and i had o make some excuse.Reason - I never did go beyond one para.I hated what it made me feel like.It felt like I was writing for someone else(which I was).

So, I gave up and did not write at all.In fact there was nothing to write about.I mean there is always something to write about.However, I did not have the patience to write.then again I read this someones thoughts on writing and it somehow made an impact on me.

You know how they say everything happens for a reason and the reason for me to stay up and read this was for a reason.I think it was to tell me,that you cannot be hard on you and you cannot expect yourself to write unless you know and believe in what you are writing( I used the word writing like a zillion times here).

There is always a point in life where you journey begins.There is always a reason to start something.Sometimes you know the reason and sometimes you do not.Don't pause ans think and ask yourself.Just go with the flow and the reason will come and tell you "deethi,this is the reason why you are here".I am no more going to wait for a moment or time to start writing.I will write when I feel happy,sad,gay, disappointed and many more moods.I will write when I want to be hear by myself and i will write for my happiness!

P.S - also when my 5 month old and my 7-year-old,tell me mama "we love you" and when my V tell me "i love you"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

weight thrown around!

Been a long long long longgggggg Holiday and yes I think I did have good time diary :D.When i write in my blog,the picture that automatically comes to my mind is of a young me, scribbilling her way through the diary.Then safely locking it ( had one of those cute ones that you could lock) and then search the whole room for the lost key the next day.Here i forget my password and everyday I click on "lost password" link :)

I think the 3 months effect of being a new mother is slowly wading off.Ask me how?" how deethi how?,Well I went to the tailor to get a salwar stitched and seriously I was not at all happy with the thing called tape and the thing called measurements I saw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I was in tears when the Tailor looked my sad face and said "hota hai maadamjo hota hai" and I was like "kya hota hai" and he said "Size aur bada hota hai"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ayooooooooooo save me :(

Then there is my hair, throughout pregnancy i fell in love with my curls.oh!how curly,noodles like they looked and now after 3 months,I will be surprised if they look even like wires that i hang my clothes one :(

I don't have a single tee that fits me and all i have is size s and xs and hoping that i will land in them soon i keep them safe.My mother looks at them and at me and says "hmm,i was like this after you and look where i am now".she is put on more kgs people :(

So i started playing badminton today and i was kinda puffft after few serves.but,hell goes to heaven or heaven goes to hell.I shall get back to at least the M size and at least i can tell my daughter-in-law "i was a figure then ma" :P "even after the second one" :D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My city,My lane

Vyas is screaming for attention and calls out for me more than often.His little ugoo's are catching my heart everyday and i just cannot say how happy i feel when i see him give his toothless smile :)

Aku started reading to vyas and he read from his "magic Stories" book and keeps asking vyas all the questions i used to ask aku after i read a story and poor vyas,just looks at his brother and smiles :)

Feel good to and looking forward for those 10 days at amma's home in hyderabad.As a teenager my brother and i used to hate our area or those little lanes where we live.It is in the old part of secundrabad.We used to scream and yell at our parents,asking them to get to the hip side of the city.Most of the time or say always,we kept out friends away from home,thinking freak what will they think? and also spent most time in the happening areas at that time,like banjara,jubilee or sainikpuri.However i just realized that,those tiny lanes have so much activity in them.When i come out to my balcony in the post gates community in Bangalore,i miss noise around me.I mis kids screaming and playing gulli cricket.I miss neighbours sitting out and gossiping.I miss aunties bringing over savouries and snacks.i miss sitting in the front yard when it is hot and drinking juice or butter milk and chatting with relatives and friends.I miss not having t knock to go to any house there and miss the way we celebrate functions and festivals.

I am gad I belong to Seethphalmandi and am proud to be a citizen there :)