Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What is in a card and name?

It has been 14years since I turned 18 and still have no election card.Do I have the right to vote? Yes.Do I have the right to complain about the politicians No.

We tried in every way possible to get myself and election card.I went and registered for it.But after years of trying my patience is lost.There are so many things I want to do for the people or myself.No it does not mean that the election card is an excuse.But,it does hold some rights and I want to use them wisely.

So I hope I get my card this year at least and go for Voting.

There is another card is has been in news for quite sometime,it is called and known as the adhar card.My dad is he'll bent on that one.He wants me an d V to fly down to Hyderabad to get that one.Are they any benefits of the card? I am not sure.But what I heard is that,it is like the social security card and one stop shop for all your ID proofs.

So let us hope that the govt recognizes me as a citizen and gives me at least one card for my self.

P.S - I do have a pan card.however,they bundled it up and got my DOB there is another thing I have to get corrected.oh yeh and my name on birth certificate is misspelt and so is the name on all my education certificates.Looks like I am this favorite hil for govt to play with and I can hear, " that is what she said" in the background!

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  1. Even I couldn't vote this time. I have a voter's card, but my name was struck off cuz "someone" apparently told that I dnt live there anymore.