Thursday, March 22, 2007


Ok so I am a wizard for the day..that is what a quiz I have taken sed.. (courtesy another blogger) It is a good ego boost for my ego I guess!!!

An old acquaintance passed way today and I got to know of it "matter of fact" all I could say was "bless his soul".Now,as I am writing I am thinking hmmm what everyone would say or do when I die??? A fellow blogger aditi was right in asking her question about death.So,am I scared of it? No,I am not. Here are few things I want myself and people to do If I knew I'd die in a couple of days.

1.I want to leave behind my little one in kind hands when I die.
2.Die peacefully in the presence of my family and friends.
3.Leave mysterious diaries behind.They can be published.
4.Some one to carry and and write my blog on how they miss me.
5.A neat rock show for my soul :)
6.Throw a party and invite kids to it.
7.Some one I know writing and making many meaningful movies and dedicate one off beat one for me ;)
8.My parents being strong for my son and for themselves
9.Throw my ashes in ganga near kali ghat in Kolkata
10.Hmmm I am actually think I can add more to this list

How bout you guys???


  1. Nice list there, very peaceful and very thoughtful.But I've never given it a thought. And I dont think I want to either at this point.Although, I'd really love to know that at least a handful of my friends (only friends) did weep at my grave. Its the bestest feeling I can get from up there :)

  2. @ Miss I - hmm kept it simple and straight.Aye to your feelings ;)

  3. A neat rock show for my soul!!:-)Well who wldnt want that!

  4. thats quite a fun list. none of the melancholy stuff associated with death! wen i was lil i wanted to write secret diaries thinking they get published. it was another thing that i gav up on my "secret diary" after filling 2 pages! :Pa rock show is totally cool!thanks for dropping by my blog!

  5. @ ekta -- you invited for mine....@shitrint -- yeah death is always assosiated with saddness.I think it is hight time we celebrate it....