Sunday, July 8, 2007


went to a friends place and they go wassup??
chat with another online and he goes assup??
call the other and she said ssup??
called him and he said sup?

So what is this wassup i ask,
Is it the new lingo in the land,
or the new phrase from bangalore to bandstnad.

If ask me how are you?
I will say " great and how do u do?

If you ask me howz life?
I will be polite and say it alrite.

Where are those words which ended in please,
the only thing i hear these days is jeeze!!!!

Is this what is taught in school,
the incomplete english that makes you a complete fool.

P.S - wrote this for fun, no thoughts involved at all :)


  1. Hey there, don't forget to cast your vote in the lions writing circle contest. :) Only 3 days left to get your votes in at See the circle blog for full details!

  2. Hehe... That was funny!

  3. well then its a good thing u missed the budweiser commercial all thsoe years ago=)

  4. hey cool one!and true to the core...wats happened to 'proper language' today! text and chat lingo taking over!

  5. So Took a break again!!!!!!!!!Iam u askin now....:-)How r u deepthi..n how is life goin on???Nyways...these r the so calld buzzwords today..may be pepl think that this is how english shud be spoken.....may be iam in the list of those pepl tooo..... :-)N comin to the english i was taught in my school......I hav studied in a so called english medium school in Nalgonda(its my native) whr we used to byheart evrythin.... never used to spk in english...u wonder if i tell u that i came to know the difference btw the words "He" n "She" whn i came to my seventh standard.....Even now i dont think iam very profecient in english.... .. I can only smile whn in think abt those days....Nyways don want to eat ur brain with all these crap nymore.. :-)Keep posting.....n Hav a nice time deepthi.. :-)

  6. any lingo.. in us.. traverses to india.. more importantly to bangalore than anywhere else..! at faster rate than light :)..

  7. Very funny... Language from an another country is all about and they r not fancy but a street slang.

  8. Little Miss MuffetJuly 10, 2007 at 1:01 PM

    good one :)appropriate i would say..

  9. funny and humorous

  10. If some one asks me "wassup?" I reply.. "ceiling" or "3rd floor."

  11. Noise Noise. :)The first few lines could actually be great lyrics...sounds like rapping lol...

  12. hello everyone than a ton for comments on this stupid little piece i wrote..a frnd of mine was gng on and on sayin wassup. wassup on day and i had to write this to tell him how irritated it sounded....

  13. Chandramohan Kannan "CM"July 29, 2007 at 11:52 PM

    hahaha, good one... waiting to hear more of the poet in you.